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Hi there!

My name is Ana Patrice, and I run the show here at Our Happinest.

Being a stay at home mom to my two girls is probably the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life.

And the scariest.

Prior to popping out my little Tiffany, my first kiddo, I was a deal maker, a closer, and a bread winner. Seriously, I was closing deals and meeting clients up until 4 days PAST my due date!

Then, I had my daughter, and the world stopped spinning.

This is me

I remember shooting emails from my hospital bed referring out all of my clients and chucking deuces at my broker. It was over.

I held that little baby with her bright grey eyes and those teeny tiny little fingers that wrapped around mine and I promised her I’d never leave her. How could I afford to miss a moment?!

It was an easy choice to make, but a difficult one to live with.

Suddenly, we took an $80,000 pay cut, and racked up $4,000 worth of hospital bills in the same week. We leaned hard on my husband’s income, which was only about $55,000 a year at the time.

We had to reduce our cost of living - a lot. I’m not even going to lie... there were a lot of scary days in there while we were trying to figure out how to make it work on 40% of our previous income.

Does the idea of quitting your job to stay home scare the hell out of you too? Does it feel a little impossible?

I started this blog to help other moms find their way home.

It absolutely breaks my heart every time I see a new mom have to leave her newborn to return to work. It’s fine if that’s her choice. It’s a different story when you wish you could stay home, but just can’t afford to.

Listen mama... If I can do it, with no degree and my husband working his way up from an entry level position, guess what? YOU CAN TOO!

The facts

Being a stay at home mom isn’t just a nice thing to be able to do. According recent studies, having mom at home helps:

  • Decrease stress and aggression in children
  • Increase performance in school
  • Decrease chances of illness from public childcare
  • Increase the likelihood of successfully breastfeeding - and all the lifelong benefits that go along with it.

The problem

The world we live in today makes it nearly impossible to live comfortably on one income. Check out these alarming numbers:

  • 62% of adults under 35 are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s just so hard to get ahead when...
  • Their average debt is $35,000 and that doesn’t even include home mortgages. This is despite spending less than previous generations on nonessentials.
  • The costs of giving birth in the US has risen to $10-20k for a vaginal birth and up to $30k for a cesarean.
  • The average income of Millennials is about equal to that of Gen X when they were the same age, except that the cost of living has increased since then.
  • About 50% of new moms go back to work when their babies are only about 5 weeks old! Even scarier, 30% of new moms take almost no time off of work after delivery AT ALL!

Those numbers are horrifying! At the very least, new moms need time to heal after birth, but also their babies need them!

I did a survey of a few hundred moms to see how they felt about being a stay at home mom, and I was so surprised at the result. Despite being from different cultures and income levels, the feedback was nearly unanimous!

Maybe some of this will resonate with you:

  • I want to stay home with my baby so badly, but I just can’t afford to. We need my income just to survive!
  • When my maternity leave ended, I cried so hard on the way back to work. I missed my baby SO MUCH and it broke my heart to leave.
  • I’m so scared I’m going to miss my baby’s first words! I have to leave so early in the morning and get back at bedtime. What if I’m not there for those first steps? I don’t want to miss those precious milestones!

It was really hard reading that feedback from all these moms that just wished they could be home. Honestly, I teared up a bit reading it all, and it really inspired me to try to help.

Do you know what every single mom who quit her job to stay home said?

  • Zero regrets.
  • It was absolutely worth it.
  • I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And you know what? As someone who also made the leap, I 100% agree.

Mission and Core values

What would motherhood look like for you if you didn’t have to work?

For some, maybe it means lots of cuddles and soaking up every fleeting moment. For others, it’s  freedom from daycares and just enjoying your right to raise your own child your way.

For me? I’m just trying not to blink. Once upon a time, my oldest was my only. Now, she’s talking to Siri and riding her bike down the street. Those little baby moments fly by SO FAST... no paycheck is worth missing out on this.

We might all have a different vision, but we get there the same way - by having the freedom to stay home and raise our children. And I want to help you make that dream a reality.

This is my promise to you:

The Real Deal 100% - You aren’t going to find copycat advice here. No regurgitation of some guru’s methodology. I’m going to share with you my real experiences and knowledge - my real story - so that you are able to reach your goals and become a stay at home mom.

No BS - Don’t you hate busy work? I do. That’s why I’m going to do my best to help you rock that SAHM life with a totally no frills approach. I‘m trying to get you from A to B as fast as possible. Ain’t nobody got time to BS around!

Big Picture Solutions - My goal is not to teach you how to live a frugal life forever. How horrible would that be?! Instead, while being frugal might be step one, our goal should always be to help you and your family live comfortably while still being able to stay home with your kids.

Do you want to know what our life looks like after taking that massive pay cut? Guess what? It looks the same! Sure I cook at home a lot more, and we don't splurge like we used to. But our children don't want for anything.

We still vacation a couple times a year. We don't spend weekend clipping coupons, and I'm not sitting up at night crying over a lack of money.

It IS possible to live WELL on LESS. You can do it. I can help.

I hope that my story inspired you to take action today!

If your heart hurts when you think about having to leave your little ones, then make a change!

I absolutely believe in you.

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Stop Missing momentS.

Start Making memories!

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